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We had a management training course yesterday by Ms. Jeevan Jyothi, from Corporate Companion on Time Management. Corporate companion is an organization completely focused on developing soft skills of corporate employees through interactive training.  Soft skills are actually really important for an employee to succeed in both their personal & professional life. They had a long list of management sessions from which we can choose those that are necessary for our organization. At Nextinnos we opted for Time Management session and it was an excellent one with fresh content.  The content was exceptionally interesting and easy to understand. Their approach was combined with expert knowledge, constant learning and development combined with games and tasks that make the session interesting.

Overall the course content was very helpful and useful. There were some very good tips, especially in managing conflict and management of time and tasks in an organization. The purpose of time management is to achieve a higher level of productivity. As we improve our time management skills, we will make more progress in less time. It is said that effective time management would mean to work according to your plan, not your mood. Another topic was about how we must avoid procrastination. Procrastination how NOT to manage your time. Prioritization is part of good time management method and it was really helpful to all employees. There were also some activities during that session that was really interesting and everyone actively participated.

The course content contained a number of key tools that that our we could use to improve our own performance. The trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable, and happy to answer questions.  She did not falter and her voice was loud and clear. Jeevan Jyothyis presentation was delivered in a clear and informative way and it was really a unique session. We really recommend them to all those who are planning such a session and in fact, we recommend such a session in all companies. It would be a wonderful experience for all the employees.

Come get Empowered at “Corporate companion “, which is an organization completely focused on developing soft skills through interactive training’s. We emphasize on the pivotal role that soft skills play to succeed in both their personal & professional life.  Our approach to training is modern, Vibrant and fresh. This approach is combined with expert knowledge, constant learning, and development. We are committed and passionate to provide an exceptional standard of service to our clients which are customized as per clients requirement. Our training programs and workshops are results-oriented through our dynamic training approach, we motivate our clients to learn and grow in a big way. Our practical training approach makes are programme and workshops a memorable and life-changing experience for our clients.

We recommend Ms. Jeevan Jyothi, Chief Facilitator, Corporate Companion for such motivational training sessions, you can reach her at

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