Productivity Premier League first session was on “Scrum”

We, at Nextinnos, have started the ‘Productivity Premier League’ as part of an initiative to increase employee engagement activities inside the company.  As per the rule, we have divided the whole company into 4 teams namely Team 404, Code Ninjas, Zero Bugs, and Tech Thalaivars. We have assigned various activities to each team and certain points are awarded to each member and to the whole team based on their performance in the tasks. This was a welcome start and everyone was really interested in the initiative. The enthusiasm of the whole company towards the initiative was worth notable.

As the first major competition, we conducted a seminar related to ‘Scrum’, advantages, disadvantages, and how it can be implemented in the company.  The competition was between Mr. Sanus Vikram of Team 404 and Ms. Sivya PV of Zero Bugs. It was really an excellent and informative session between both the teams and the whole company came to understand Scrum and its importance. Based on the feedback from the attendees, Ms. Sivya PV of Zero Bugs was the adjusted winner. The next week competition will be between Mr. Sarath Nambiar of  Code Ninjas and Ms. Syamala of Tech Thalaivars.

After the seminar, we had a small quiz competition and the winners were Team 404 with excellent overall performance.  It was really a tough fight and everyone is eagerly waiting for the next competition.

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